Notes on room booking/renting rooms for events: Due to the necessary measures with regard to the corona virus, the possibilities of using rooms at Chemnitz University of Technology are currently very limited. Die folgende Liste listet die Freigaben der … Mobile work, digital courses, and digital exams are completely unaffected by the regulations of the New Year's stand-by operation. They were only allowed to enter the country with compelling reasons. there would be no danger of an abrupt overload of doctors, nursing staff and hospitals. Pursuant to § 56, para. Approval by the crisis management team is not required. Tips for structured work, hints on digital tools as well as on learning together in virtual rooms are summarized on the e-learning websites of Chemnitz University of Technology. For example, if regular presence operation had begun on 4 May: The usual rights of students, such as the extension of deadlines for final papers, remain unaffected. regarding building access or similar) to the Crisis Management Team or University Management is not necessary. For more information on how to use Zoom, please visit the website of the URZ. may be conducted (partially) on-site. Korona : German - English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz) § 12 Service Agreement on Working Time Regulations). In order to take advantage of the above-mentioned extension option for employees whose current employment relationship would end as a result of reaching the (previous) maximum fixed-term limit in accordance with § 2 para. There will be a daily tour between 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. to the usual stations, the previous second tour is cancelled. The explanation is too long for a FAQ however ;). by means of the date. Anträge und andere Formulare für die Beantragung sozialer Leistungen können im Internet heruntergeladen werden. The staff of the President's office is largely working from home office. If you have questions or problems, please use only the ticket function (send your request by e-mail to support@... and include a short, concise keyword about your problem or question in the subject of the e-mail. In the tool, sessions can be created (e.g. Avoid direct contact with colleagues and other people. If this is not possible in an individual case, the following options are also available (in each case, the prerequisite is that no other care option is available): In the case of the closure of schools, daycare centers, or other care facilities or their partial closure due to the spread of the coronavirus: Provided that this does not conflict with official or operational interests, civil servants pursuant to § 14 para. Robert Koch Institute - Answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, City of Chemnitz - Information of the Public Health Office, Information from the Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV), Information from the Unfallkasse Sachsen (UKS), worth knowing and tips on wearing mouth-nose covers. If copies are requested, this should normally be permitted. In this case, please inform the Central Examination Office (ZPA) and the participants of the scheduled exams immediately and reliably. a committee meeting). Please note that the inability to work and its expected duration must be reported immediately and, if the inability to work lasts longer than three calendar days, a medical certificate confirming the existence of the inability to work and its expected duration must be submitted - regardless of whether you are working in mobile work or not during selective and limited presence operation. Are the sports offers of the Center for Sports and Health Promotion (ZfSG) currently open? Is it possible to submit my timesheet electronically about my work as a student/scientific assistant? Until 31.05.2020, you can use public transportation until 31.05.2020 with your imprint of the winter semester 2019/20 (WS19/20 V STIK or WS19/20 STURA) and a current certificate of enrollment from the summer semester 2020! During selectice and limited presence operation of Chemnitz University of Technology, the supervisor remains responsible for the approval of vacation and work time compensation as well as for changes to already approved vacation and work time compensation. The Foreigners' Registration Office issues a corresponding certificate (Fiktionsbescheinigung) as proof. TU Chemnitz 25.01.2021 25 Jan Transdisziplinärer Dialog Mensch-Technik und KI Der Umgang mit den gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen im Bereich … TU Chemnitz 16.03.2021 16 Mär 3. The Saxon state government has passed a new Corona Protection Regulation valid from December 16, 2020, to January 10, 2021, to significantly reduce the dynamic of the corona virus pandemic. A medical certificate serves as proof of this. On 9 June 2020, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution for the exams of the current semester: “Examiners may deviate from the form of examination specified in the module description. Building access for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021: In addition, in order to enable a targeted control of the corresponding areas by the security guards during the period of closure, the Technical Building Management Unit of the, Department is also to be informed about ongoing long-term experiments. If your delayed arrival is a consequence of circumstances caused by the coronavirus, the Student Service Point will handle your delayed enrolment after 30 April 2020 favorably. Das # Kulturticket für # TUChemnitz-Studis geht in die 2.Runde! If the form of teaching or examination differs from the module description, students will be granted nonrecognition of an exam taken in the winter semester 2020/2021 if the application for nonrecognition (without stating reasons) is submitted to the ZPA by September 30, 2021 (whichever comes first) at the latest. The further necessary steps for issuing the certificate are taken there. Is it currently possible to hold appointment lectures in person? Is the Student Service Point open as usual? Further information is available directly on the websites of the professorships. These lists are to be kept in the respective sections for a period of four weeks after the event and are to be kept in such a way that a prompt transmission to the university management for forwarding contact data to the health authorities upon request is possible. We wish all students a successful start into the new semester despite the current circumstances! Who is a member of the university crisis management team? If the non-submission of the proof of performance required according to § 48 paragraph 1 BAföG is based on the fact that these could not be issued by the responsible office due to restrictions/discontinuation of the university operation or with a delay, this is also not damaging for the receipt of BAföG benefits. Via “Sources” you can integrate different recording sources, in this example the screen and the recording of the notebook camera. you as an examiner are free to decide which alternative is appropriate for the competences to be assessed. Information on the decentralized handling of invoices during the corona crisis are provided on the website of the Department of Budget and Economy. Since October 30, 2020, the test ambulance of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen is located at Hermann-Pöge-Strasse 6, 09120 Chemnitz, in a former DIY market. The text of the publication as well as an FAQ section on the new regulations can be found on the websites of the City of Chemnitz regarding the corona virus (German only). Leave in accordance with § 12 para. They are to be informed about the specific, currently valid hygiene measures. Attention: Due to the current excessive use of video tools, we advise you to use the tools described below sparingly. Should I inform the university if I recently was in a risk area abroad or had contact with infected persons? Among other information, video tutorials for the use of the learning platform are available there. An overview of studying at Chemnitz University of Technology can also be found on the landing page Studying in Chemnitz. From 2 to 10 January 2021, the university will be put into New Year's stand-by operation. You will find a list of examples of examination forms under the next question in this FAQ. The blog entries are constantly updated. Here you can realize screencasts with spoken explanations using the “Insert” ribbon. Keine Freiversuche an der TU Chemnitz - dennoch Erleichterung für die Studierenden im Corona-Semester. before starting a journey, even if it is only planned for the near future. Virtual training courses are offered for using the video conference system BigBlueButton. Choose a resolution as low as possible (ppi). (PDF info sheet from, How can I prevent infections? The approval of business trips in connection with private travel is not possible. What consequences result for employees from the stand-by operation or the selective and limited presence operation of Chemnitz University of Technology? Consequently, all employees are instructed, as before, to make use of mobile work as far as possible and to be present at Chemnitz University of Technology (within the framework of the existing quota regulation) exclusively for urgent work that can only be carried out on site. The voting manager enters a title and a text for the vote. website of the Central University Administration. For this purpose, however, the consent of the applicants in question must be obtained in advance. used by several people. Note: A risk area is a state or region outside Germany for which there is an increased risk of infection with the corona virus. website of the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau. Furthermore, the deadlines for handing in homework and final papers have been extended: The period from including 11 March 2020 until one week after resuming the regular presence operation, i.e. The domestic quarantine can therefore be ended by a negative corona test at the earliest 5 days after entry. it is pointed out that due to the current situation (. Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten Raus aus dem stillen Kämmerlein und rein in die Mensa - mit anderen Studies austauschen, schreiben und einfach vorwärtskommen. According to § 48 para. If the test result is positive, attendance at the university is still not possible. 5 SächsHSFG. After consultation with the Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture, and Tourism (SMWK), “approved events” definitely include classroom teaching, attendance exams, as well as digital exams. In September 2020, University Management leased 500 Zoom educational licenses for one year.